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What is “Mars Clipper - Dreadnought”?

Mars Clipper is a fictional space "freighter" company, Dreadnought is the name of the first ship of what will become a fleet. A Clipper is a fast sailing ship, with its roots in the Spice Trade. Dreadnought was an actual clipper class sailing ship. The cargo route is between Earth and Mars, and eventually into the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The customers are mining companies, and early Mars colonies and homesteaders. The time frame is between current time and 10 years future. All technology used is either off the shelf, or very near term available.

The mission of Mars Clipper "Dreadnought" is to set up the early automated trading posts.

“Mars Clipper - Dreadnought” is being created as an episodic show, with possible spin offs to cover Mars Colonies, space stations, security forces, etc.

Mars Clipper company is a privately owned corporation. The Dreadnought is a prototype. Pretty rough around the edges, not very safe, and not totally tested. Definitely not built to NASA human safe standards.

Timeframe: Very near future, extending out to bridge the gap between the end of the NASA Space Shuttle program (2011), and Star Trek: Enterprise (2151).

Technology: Mostly available now, or is being developed. NASA, etc have already flown numerous probes to Mars. Transit to Mars takes around 200 days. No Warp Drive, no instant communications via Subspace.

Dreadnought is a modular ship, designed for a crew of 6, but will fly the first test mission with a single human Flight Engineer, plus an AI, and several utility robots. The AI is tied into the ship’s systems, as well as having access to the full database of Mission Control. The AI helps fill the gap caused by increasing radio lag time, due to the distance between Earth and Mars.

Concepts: Corporations will replace nations. Homesteading. Colonists, trading posts, mining. Space trucking. Crime, lawless, piracy. Private Security Forces, owned by the corporations. Indenture service contracts. Gritty and raw.

"Life on Earth is getting crowded. Too many people, too many rules.
Like the explorers, the pioneers, and the traders,
we leave behind what is safe, comfortable, and confining,
and set off into the unknown,
looking to make a new mark on the universe."

This is very much a work in progress. Feel free to book mark and come back later, or if you'd like you can email me and ask questions. My address is at the bottom of the page.

At the moment, this is a one person operation, but once I have the concept a bit more developed, I'm hoping to open things up.

Stay Tuned!